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Professional Pilot Services

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Livestock / Agriculture Monitoring

We specialize in aerial livestock and agricultural monitoring. The landscape of Central and Eastern Oregon creates a myriad of challenges for today's ranchers and farmers. The use of aircraft and modern mapping technology to locate/monitor livestock and agricultural units provides an efficient means to increase labor productivity and decrease loss. The recovery of one lost 6 weight steer will cover 3 hours of our services.

Rate = $400 per hour (Includes Aircraft, Fuel and Pilot)

Contact us for a custom quote/contract.

Trespass - Land Survey Patrols

Unfortunately, large tracts of private/deeded land are difficult to patrol and monitor. Landowners throughout Central and Eastern Oregon have long dealt with the challenges of hunters engaging in trespassing, cutting fences, damaging land and poaching valuable game resources. The popularity of shed antler hunting has created a significant increase in trespass incidents across the west. Upper Country Aviation understands these violations and infringements are costly and frustrating. We have the ability to quickly and effectively monitor perimeter fencing/access, identify violators and report incidents to owners/managers and law enforcement. We operate in a safe manner which is sensitive to wildlife, livestock and people. We DO NOT harass or chase game animals and will not disturb them and change their patterns or behavior.

Rate = $400 per hour (Includes Aircraft, Fuel and Pilot)

Contact us for a custom quote/contract.

Pilot Contracting

We provide contract pilot services to aircraft owners as well as individuals and companies leasing aircraft. If you are in need of a second pilot to complete a flight to an unfamiliar airport, we can help. If you wish to make an IFR flight and need a second qualified pilot, we will assist you. Whatever your need my be, it would be our privilege to serve you.

Rate = Half Day /Full Day Rates Available on Request

Overnights Incur Lodging/Meal Expenses

Contact us for a custom quote/contract.

Aircraft Ferrying

Purchasing or selling an aircraft? Moving? We will promptly and safely get your aircraft to its intended destination. We are self-sufficient, efficient in operations and prioritize safety-care of the aircraft.

Rate = $750 per day


Overnights normally DO NOT incur lodging/meal expenses as we are self-sufficient; however, in extreme cases additional costs may be incurred when unforeseen weather/aircraft complications occur.

Contact us for a custom quote/contract.

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