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Flight Training

Upper Country Aviation LLC provides professional flight instruction, flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, high performance/complex/tailwheel endorsements, and other specialized training to aspiring and experienced aviators alike. We specialize in mountain and tailwheel flying. We provide specific training in PA-18 Super Cub aircraft and can assist you with proficiency training, time building for insurance requirements and mountain/backcountry flight training.

Tailwheel Endorsements

Earn your tailwheel endorsement off-airport at a rural Central Oregon Ranch, just 1.5 hours east of Bend, Oregon. Enjoy close proximity to several backcountry / off-airport landing strips and learn to fly a tailwheel aircraft away from busy Central Oregon Airports. Lodging at the ranch is available!

Tailwheel endorsements are proficiency-based, meaning there is no minimum hour requirement to earn your endorsement. Most pilots require a minimum of 8-10 hours to become proficient, confident and comfortable flying a tailwheel airplane.


Required training for the tailwheel endorsement per 14 CFR § 61.31 consists of:

  • Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings

  • Wheel landings

  • Go-around procedures

Your tailwheel training will cover many additional items to enhance your skills:

  • Slow flight, power-on and power-off stalls, steep turns

  • Short field and soft field takeoffs and landings

  • Power-off 180-degree approaches and landings

  • Takeoffs and landings in crosswinds greater than 10 knots

  • Forward slips

  • Grass, gravel and dirt strip operations  (dependent upon ground conditions)

Upon completing the course satisfactorily, you’ll earn your tailwheel endorsement.

Program Cost

3-Day Course. $3,800 (Based on 10 hours of flight training) and includes Piper PA-18 Super Cub / Instructor. Final cost will be based on total hours of training. Lodging at the ranch is an additional $200 for 3 nights. You can spend your free time exploring the Ochocos, learning about ranch life, and enjoying many other activities the ranch offers.

We recommend students purchase rental insurance, which is available at very reasonable rates from Avemco Insurance.

Backcountry / Off-Airport / Mountain Flying

Whether you're just entering the backcountry flying scene or you're a seasoned backcountry flyer, Upper Country Aviation would love to build or challenge your skills in backcountry, off-airport, and mountain flying techniques. Experience river canyons, short airstrips and mountain flying as you navigate the John Day / Deschutes River Canyons, the Ochoco Mountains and the High Desert of Central Oregon. Training can be conducted in your aircraft or ours.

Advanced Avionics Training

Modern avionics upgrades require training, experience and proficiency to produce a confident and capable pilot. If you've recently upgraded your aircraft avionics and would like to gain proficiency and better understand the capabilities of your aircraft, please give us a call.

Private, Instrument, Commercial and CFI Training

Are you an aspiring pilot or an experienced pilot seeking to achieve new ratings? Upper Country Aviation is here to help! Please contact us to see how we can help you fulfill your dreams.

Instruction Rates

Flight Instruction - $100 hour ($50 per hour with aircraft rental)

Ground Instruction - $75 hour

Piper PA-18 Super Cub - $350 hour (includes fuel)

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